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I will strive to lower taxes and fees, and seek to lead efforts to find efficiencies in goverment. We will hold government accountable for how tax payer dollars are spent, while raising the standards of customer service delivered to the tax payers. YOU as a tax payer deserve better.



Everyone deserves to live in a safe community. I will LISTEN to the communities in my district for the solutions they need and continue to check in to see solutions are being implemented as planned. I am not a candidate to tell the community what to do, but rather to listen to the people and their concerns and develop solutions in PARTNERSHIP with the community. All constituent voices matter in making a choice that will impact all. We have to work to listen to each other and come to solutions.



Suffolk County is composed of many families. While our families may have differnt heritage and beleif systems, we ALL call Suffolk county home and share in the joy of its public parks and amenities. I will strive to keep services to families high quality, affordable, and easily accessible.



Seniors are very important members of our community. They carry the HISTORY of our county and country. Many have served our country as veterans, teachers, health care, public service, or industry. Our seniors deserve to enjoy a high quality of life, amenities from the town, and our friendship and care. This includes making Suffolk county government websites, applications and proceedures more user friendly for all. Please contact me with your ideas.

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